A flexible development model

DEINOVE seeks to develop new technological standards and innovative compounds to meet the planet’s social and economic challenges: the fight against antibiotic resistance, meeting the needs of growing and ageing population, and the transition toward green chemistry that is respectful of the environment.

The strategy applied to meet this goal is designed to combine the biodiversity of DEINOVE’s biological assets with the excellence of its engineering platform to identify useful compounds and develop production processes. Depending on the target applications and the opportunities, DEINOVE can then:

  • Select and develop a drug candidate through to the regulatory preclinical stage to validate its therapeutic value, its forms of action and its toxicological effects. At this stage, DEINOVE will be able to promote this candidate through licensing agreements with the pharmaceutical industry. This is the approach that has been commonly adopted for developing antibiotics.
  • Develop a process or a compound in partnership with a manufacturer and then grant licensing contracts. This is the objective of the partnerships with Avril and Flint Hills Resources, for example.
  • Develop a process for directly marketing the compounds produced, such as certain innovative carotenoids. This approach is reserved to a few niche markets in which prices are higher and volumes are smaller.

Sales income may therefore come from royalties for the sale of products made possible by DEINOVE technology or from the direct sale of ingredients.

The markets on which DEINOVE is focusing


DEINOVE is now focusing its activities on three markets with high added value:

  • Healthcare, with a 1st lead in a market with a strong medical need: antibiotics;
  • Nutrition, with 2 partnership programs in animal feed that are bearing fruit;
  • Cosmetics, with the carotenoid program and a first partnership in this sector.

At each step of the way, DEINOVE plans to give its industrial partners access to innovative products and to significantly improve their economic and ecological performances.

Today, DEINOVE is involved in two major in-house programs in the fields of antibiotics and carotenoids and is developing customized programs in these three target markets – healthcare, nutrition and cosmetics – in response to the needs of our customers and partners.


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